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"Seamless unification of your electronic workplace"

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A Master Station Logging system for automated, auditable recording and monitoring of mission-critical enforcement and support operations.

What's the Problem
If you are running a mission critical support or enforcement operation then you are most likely servicing a constituency that expects action before you even know there is a problem. Your users, customer or citizens expect that you have deployed people to address the emergency, and that your people are qualified to take action and resolve problems within hours, sometimes minutes. By the way, you are expected to log all activity and produce auditable records for future reference. In addition your staff requires simultaneous access to multiple sources of information located in many different locations to perform their jobs. With three or four desktop computers, headset phone and fast fingers your console operators try to log and link multiple simultaneous activities, query and update multiple systems, relay information to different enforcement and support operatives, manage duty rosters, personnel and office directories, and don’t forget required training and certifications.

These super heroes are mission critical resources to highly intense and sometimes life threatening operations conducted at the national, state and local levels. Immediate access to current, accurate and relevant information is a life and death situation.

We have the solution
QLog is the leading master station logging and enforcement management communications system providing direct critical intelligence support to mission critical support and enforcement officials. QLog provides all console personnel a wide spectrum of services including automated state and local information queries and automatic recording of information needed for audit trails. QLog contains a suite of software applications that include Master Station Log, Master Station Log Search Engine, Offices Directory, Personnel Directory, Call-sign Manager, and Duty Roster. QLog allows mission-critical, real-time data communications between all software users remotely scattered throughout the country. Legacy system connectivity and integration allows communication with several law enforcement mainframe databases

Technology Features List Minimize

Untethered Mobile Solution.
(means your mobile workforce stays current without requiring full time database connectivity)

Discussion boards
(facilitates information sharing resulting in hire mission success rates.)

Activity Logging Wizards
(Increase efficiency in certified action logging.)

Full Text Search
(Quickly find critical information in master action log.)

Emergency Offices Repository
(Provides immediate access to all emergency offices nationwide.)

Training and Certification
(Make sure agents and staff maintain proper certifications.)

Superlist sort
(Lightning fast sorting of large amounts of data.)

Integrated with Legacy systems
(Share information with other enforcement and emergency databases.)

(Send an emergency page.)

Manager's Tool
(Workload and shift requirements, statistics, work quality and quantity)

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