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A multi-processing, fully scalable workhorse that balances your processor load at minimum cost.

Why Linux Clustering for CFD?
In the world of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), high performance computing performance factor is simply measured in terms of simulation time. Simulation time is easily measured and can be benchmarked across multiple computer platforms in order to determine which has the highest performance (quickest processing times). The goal is to configure a hardware solution that is "matched" with the analysis software to minimize the simulation time and therefore maximize the performance factor.

The optimum hardware solution for CFD analyses maximizes the performance of the solution algorithms the software uses to solve complex models. The Linux cluster must be architected and benchmarked to maximize the performance of the following solution algorithms:

  • Domain decomposition schemes
  • Time Integration schemes
  • Communication frequency between processors
  • Message Passing Protocols
  • Data package size
  • Network bandwidth
  • What's Our Solution?

What's Our Solution?
CRM has teamed with AeroSoft to produce , a high-performance, Linux-based, parallel computing cluster configured for optimum execution of GASP, a state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation software developed by AeroSoft. Organizations requiring supercomputer computational performance, data handling and storage capability needed for CFD analyses can have it with .

is an unbeatable multi-processing, fully scalable workhorse that balances your processor load with one purposeā€¦.maximum throughput at minimum cost. Processor speed, memory speeds, communication speeds, packaging solutions, system maintenance, and even future computing trends have all been considered as our team of experts assembled what we believe to be the optimum solution for CFD and GASP.

To find out more information about or to request a price quote go to the following locations:

Features Minimize

Supercomputer Performance
(Rivals traditional supercomputers.)

(Grows with your needs.)

(Easy to maintain.)

Fault tolerant
(Zero down time with processor, storage, communications redundancy.)

Highest Price/Performance Ratio
(Less expensive than supercomputers, and high-end workstations with same or better performance.)

Load balancing
(and node fail over means nearly 100% uptime.)

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