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"Seamless unification of your electronic workplace"

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A leading mobile work order and
maintenance management
system (CMMS).

What's the Problem
If you are managing a maintenance organization you are dealing with the many of the challenges associated with managing work orders and inventory. It used to be that you would receive phone calls requesting service and you would then dispatch a repair person to address the problem within a few days. Well, times have changed and the situation looks more like the following:

  • You receive work requests by phone, email, fax, in person, onsite, Internet, cell phones, PDAs, etc.
  • Your work force is already dispatched for the day, but the work requests you have just received needs to be addressed immediately.
  • Your repair equipment and spare parts inventory resides in multiple locations.
  • You use many third party vendors to address service requests.

In addition, you are under constant pressure to manage costs and yet have difficulty in tracking and reporting actual costs vertically and horizontally within your operation.

Read Field Force Opportunities Whitepaper to learn more about mobile field force opportunities.

We have the solution
QSite is a leading work order and maintenance management (CMMS) system providing out-of-the-box, fully functional, mobile enterprise solution for maintaining sites, areas, buildings and equipment. QSite is an easy-to-use, mobile solution, providing database and software synchronization to keep your mobile workforce current. Also, since each maintenance operation is slightly different, we built QSite to be easily modified to suite your unique requirements without software modifications.

Many of our QSite users carry a small laptop computer that is synchronized with the QSite central database repository. During synchronization, the mobile maintenance workforce is able to retrieve new work orders and preventative maintenance activities, as well as send all their updates to the centralized QSite repository. QSite synchronization also installs new software your maintenance workforce laptops, automatically streamlining the process of getting new software features out to your remote users. Your workforce can also access the QSite repository via the Internet and other electronic hand held devices.

QSite includes sophisticated workflow modeling and processing for stage process automation (request, order, assigned, being worked, resolved, reopened, etc…), management and adhoc reporting, and data mining analysis to evaluate trends and patterns in work order activity. QSite also offers inventory management system including acquisition, use, reclassification, transfer, disposal, total value, and much more. All of our software offers online, context sensitive help with animation to demonstrate software usage.

Features Minimize

Technology Features List

Untethered Mobile Solution
(means your mobile workforce stays current without requiring full time database connectivity)

Automatic Software Distribution
(means your mobile workforce stays up-to-date with latest software releases)

Workflow distribution
(streamline work process for efficiency and management control.)

(means you can analyze your data for trends to improve you business.)

Multi-layered security
(means protection at many layers to prevent unauthorized access to your most value assets.)

Technology Features List

Work Order Processing
(Request, scheduling, posting, assignment, distribution, routing, dispatch, tracking, closure for areas, sites, buildings, equipment and more.)

Preventative Maintenance and Inspection
(scheduled maintenance, load balancing, override, reschedule, automatic scheduling)

Inventory Management
(Inventory lifecycle, warranty, spare parts, usage, reclassifications, transfers, disposal, RMAs.)

(communicate through browser, PDA, email, cell phone, discussion board.)

Customer Relationship Management
(customer information, repair history, up sell/cross sell, automatic status)

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